5 minutes

Aubrey (39)
Crystal Tipps and Alistair (50)
Doris (40)
Fingerprint Farm (12)
Fred Basset (20)
The Gublin Legends (13)
Ludwig (25)
Pipet (39)
Puppydog Tales (13)
Rub A Dub Dub (24)
Willo The Wisp (26)

7 minutes

Incredible Creatures (13)

10 minutes

Car-Toon (13)
Foxtales (13)
Manfred (13)
Noggin The Nog (6)
Puppydog Tales (13)

15 minutes

The Flumps (13)
Hot Dog Tales (1)
Joe (13)

20 minutes

Santa's Pocket Watch (1)

25 minutes

Beachcomber Bay (65)
Christopher's Christmas Mission (1)
Crystal's Christmas Special (1)

30 minutes

Dappledown Farm (65)
Tiko (1)

50 minutes

Top Banana (49)

over 50 minutes

Tanglewood's Secret (1)
Treasures of the Snow(1)

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