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Tiko, the shepherd boy, discovers a deserted spaceship buried in the desert and is whisked away into outer space. The spaceship had been programmed to return to its base - but it hits a meteor storm, forcing Tiko to eject and land on the beautiful planet of Kash Koosh.

He makes friends with some of the animals and they set out to explore the planet, looking for a way to help him return to Earth. Along the way, Tiko rescues a little Kash Koosh man, who has been badly injured. But his efforts are misunderstood by the natives. They think he has captured their leader, so they prepare to attack, until the little man explains and their anger turns to delight - they invite Tiko and his friends to celebrate.

The festivities are cut short by the sudden arrival of a fearsome dinosaur. It stalks through the village, demolishing everything in its path. Tiko organises an attack and succeeds in destroying their unwelcome visitor. He helps rebuild the village, but declines their offer to stay. So the natives of Kash Koosh take him to magic island of Keeshoo, where a magic carpet takes him home.

1 x 28 minutes
Right Angle Productions / AR Productions
M&E track available

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